Paul and Betty Yoder Foundation
Educational Grants for women in transition
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Paul and Betty Yoder Foundation Mission
To assist mature women who want to pursue training which will bring them personal satisfaction and ultimately financial independence.

Grants offered for

  • Tuition and/or fees for traditional or on-line programs
  • Certification programs, Associate's Degrees, Bachelor's Degrees (not advanced degrees)
  • Books, materials and/or technology to support the educational program
All Grant Recipients must complete the application process and meet the eligibility criteria.​

Grants are awarded to mature, worthy women based on individual need and fund availability.
The Grant Applicant must be a mature woman who has a: 

  • Financial need

  • Commitment to one or more specific personal goals 

  • Belief that additional training will increase her career options, and thus, her financial independence

  • Willingness to attend classes and work hard to meet course expectations

  • Vision of a better future

The Foundation provides financial assistance to mature, worthy women, regardless of race, color, sexual orientation, ethnic background, or religious belief.​​
Grant Eligibility